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Kapchorwa man critically injures two police appointed crime scouts

In Kapchorwa, communities have local crime scouts who are appointed by police to monitor and deter law-breaking at sub-county level downwards. Yesterday at around 6am, two such scouts were critically injured as they tried to apprehend a local on the orders of police. Both men were rushed unconscious to Kapchorwa hospital and are still admitted there.

Kusuro Rasak, the chairman of Usaalam, as each grouping of local scouts is known, and Sayik Jadit were reportedly attacked by one Kenny Kaproncho whom they were trying to arrest for threatening to violently grab his father’s land.

Kaproncho’s father, Patrick Mwanga had earlier reported to police that his son had demanded to be given land. He also reported that Kaproncho had threatened to cut him up should he refuse to give him the land. By way of acting on the report, police tasked two local crime scouts to go arrest Kaproncho who reportedly was also a notorious thief. Unfortunately, the arrest went awry to the detriment of the two crime scouts when the suspect turned on them, cutting them severally and severely. Kaproncho is now on the run.

This story was sent to News-Hapa by Micheal Musobo of Tuban parish, Kapchorwa.

Bishop at witchdoctor’s funeral: “This man is going to heaven.”

Hangyi Bakoko Sabastiana of Kasese last week died from complications of diabetes. His lifetime’s occupation had been the practice of witchcraft. His neighbours alleged that he had somehow acquired magical but evil powers that he used against the enemies of this clients. They blamed him for the demise of children, beautiful women and others in the area. This career of his had reportedly peaked in the 1980s.

However upon his death, an unlikely friend, the Rt Reverend Bishop Thembo Nzerebende of South Rwenzori diocese presided over his funeral service. In his sermon at the graveside, the bishop shocked the residents by telling them that Bakoko was going to heaven. He further explained that Bakoko had been a good man and was even better than many of the Christians in the diocese that go to church every Sunday. He therefore reasoned that Bakoko’s practice of withcraft here on earth would not count against him at the pearly gates. 

This report was sent to News-Hapa by Tadeo Sentamu, a resident of Buhihura subcounty in Kasese district.

Bakoko, the deceased is survived by 18 out of the 26 children is is believed to have fathered, and one of the 11 ‘wives’ he has had in his lifetime. 

A Community in Kween Expresses Support For Wife Beater

Over the weekend, a woman in Benet subcounty of Kween district fought with her husband over access to the household’s oxen. The husband reportedly wanted to take it and use it to work a gardening contract from which he was would get money for his leisure activities. The woman disapproved of his plans and wouldn’t let him take the oxen.

In the ensuing fight, the husband beat his wife Janet Chesengech with a stick usually used to herd animals, leaving her in a lot of pain. Our contributor reports that in the aftermath of all this, the community was itself, “very annoyed [with the woman] saying the woman had no respect for the husband.”

This report was sent to News-Hapa by Dominic Sabila of Kween District

Clan Head ‘Disciplines’ Man with Five Strokes of the Cane

On the evening of July 4th, Philip Cheburot burnt one of his grass thatched house in an attempt to drive his second wife out of the home because he had brought back the first wife.

In response to Cheburot’s behaviour, the chairperson of the village arrested him. However, the leader of Cheburot’s clan heard of the matter and joined the fray, offering to settle the matter. The clan head thereafter gave Cheburot five strokes of the cane. Cheburot apologised for his transgressions and the matter is now considered settled.

All this happened in Kapkwayon village, Tuban parish of Kapchorwa district. The report was sent to News-Hapa by Micheal Musobo, a resident of the area. 

Heavy rains continue to threaten livelihoods in Kapchorwa

A heavy storm (with hailstones) destroyed large areas of garden and crops in Kapchesombe subcounty in Kapchorwa district. This happened on last Wednesday 3rd July, reports Alfred Chepsikor from the area. 

This follows a similar storm that was reported in  late June. The earlier storm caused a mudslide which destroyed a widow’s house and killed two of her goats. That earlier storm also destroyed crops in the area.

Meanwhile, before this bout of rains started, the area had suffered a month long dry spell which caused crops, especially beans and maize to wilt in the fields. At the time, one farmers, Chemutai Martin, told a News-Hapa contributor, Micheal Musobo that he didn’t expect to raise even one bag of maize from his two acre garden. 

The frequent community reports received by News-Hapa on the interchanging adverse weather in the region usually appeal for government support to the farmers. 

Kasese Man Slits His Wrist After Being Mocked by Wife’s Adulterous Lover

One man, Muhindo, of Kisinga subcounty is reported to have slit his wrists yesterday after a man claiming to be his wife’s lover walked over to his place of business and mocked him. The man, reported said to Muhindo, “thank you for looking after the children I have had with your wife over the years.”

In a resultant fit of rage, Muhindo, who sells roasted meat by a roadside and therefore had a knife on hand slit his wrist which led his mocker to flee the scene. Muhindo was taken to a nearby clinic were his wrist was bandaged. He is currently still admitted at the clinic. 

This report was sent to News-Hapa by Taddeo Sentamu, a resident of Buhuhira sub-county in the same district. 


Ministry Circumcises Men in Rubirizi but First Lady Scoffs Same Practice while in Lira

At least 15 men have shown up for and got circumcision at Katerera health centre in Rubirizi since Monday 1st July 2013 when the ministry of health sponsored drive started. Onesmus Tumuhimbise, a News-Hapa contributor reports that the circumcision drive offers the service free of charge to all and also provides free transport for those circumcised.

In stark contrast to this ministry of health drive however, the First Lady of Uganda who is also a cabinet member is reported to have condemned male circumcision while speaking to an estimated 2000 locals in Lira town. John Patrick Olara, a News-Hapa contributor from the area quotes Mrs Museveni as having said that the practice encourages youth to have unprotected sex under the impression that it provides a “permanent condom.” She is also reported to have expressed sorrow about men who entrust condoms with their lives.

Mixed messages from government to the populace on recommended policies and practices are common especially in the area of reproductive health. For example; in the early to mid 2000s, while certain sections of government promoted family planning/contraception, the president was often quoted as encouraging the populace to reproduce because Uganda would benefit from a large population just like China and India are believed to have.

Kasese Son Nearly Kills Own Mother

Masereka Raymon of Kasambya parish in Kasese, nearly killed his mother yesterday afternoon when he hit her on the forehead with the family pestle – the stick used for pounding grains. 

Surprisingly, the fight resulted from a disagreement the young man had with his sister over a pair of slippers. In short order, it escalated to life threatening status. At one point, Masereka is reported have been brandishing a hoe, baying for the blood of all the family members. It took a group of neighbours to apprehend and drag him to local police station. 

Residents suspect that Masereka might be insane. 

Wrong Weather Advice from Gov’t May Cost Kasese Farmers

News-Hapa contributor,  Tadeo Sentamu of Kasese district reports that farmers in the district are fearful that they are going to lose considerable amounts of useful seeds after they followed inaccurate weather predictions from the Uganda Department of Meteorological (UDOM)

UDOM reportedly advised farmers that the rains were to start in late June and prompted those in cold areas to plant their gardens in anticipation. Some farmers in the area indeed went ahead and planted their gardens given that Kasese is a cold place. “But now it is three days [to the end of June] without a drop of rain,” Tadeo exclaims. Farmers who followed the meteorological departments advice are there fearful that they have lost the seeds they planted.

The farmers receive this kind of UDOM meterological advice through the phones of their Community Knowledge Workers who are supported by Grameen Foundation.